Rockclothing n roll

There are a lot of starlets that have adopted the rockabilly-clothing look as their own and have really pushed the pin up look of the '50s on young audiences.

Do you think that the rockabilly look can be too sexy for a teenager to wear, or is it OK if they want to make a splash in cherry print and high heels?

For myself I am a little wary about letting my teen girls dress up in the rockabilly look, as it seems a bit too sexy. But I guess when you consider skinny jeans and what some stars wear it is somewhat of a blessing in disguise that they want to dress in something that actually covers them. I get inspiration from

animegalPost 7

@blackDagger - There are definitely people who go out in rockabilly clothing everyday, and it doesn't really have to be an extreme look in order to follow the look of the era they love. My best friend loves rockabilly clothing and has created an entire functional wardrobe that really reflects the era.

For my friend she loves to utilize pencil skirts, sexy capri pants and various blouses to get the look she loves. She has a few dresses too that she throws on when she wants to dress up.

For those who are interested in the rockabilly look, start small with a few pieces and see how you feel. The rockabilly look can really work anytime or anyplace when done right.